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Federal Work-Study Program for single moms

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The Federal Work-Study program is a popular way that single mothers pay for schooling. Anyone who studies should also be able to work at the same time. Millions of people are able to achieve high grades and perform well at their jobs. Learn what the Work-Study program is and how it continues to help countless students and single mothers all over the U.S.

What it is

The Federal Work-Study program helps low-income single mothers who want to work and pay off their school fees. They avoid applying for loans and racking up interest while in school. In addition, they build a work resume that helps them after graduation.

Federal program funds are given to postsecondary institutions all over the country. Each school decides how to administer the funds and how many students can participate in Work-Study. If the funds run out, no more students are allowed into the program.

Work-Study participants cannot work any type of job in any location. They must work on campus for the school or for approved private employers. Some jobs are required to be related to their specific courses of study. All jobs must serve the greater public interest.

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How it works

Work-Study gives single mothers the option to skip student loans. Like grants and scholarships, the money does not have to be paid back. The money is earned and sent straight to your bank account or to the school. The minimum amount earned is federal minimum wage.

On the school’s website, students apply to work on or off campus on approved sites. The jobs are part time, and the hours are restricted. You are given a total award amount that you cannot exceed in your earnings. The number of work hours you receive depends on your availability and academic performance.

Not every student who wants to participate is allowed. The jobs are available only to students who show high financial need. U.S. citizens and permanent residents are allowed to apply, but foreign students are not.

How to apply

Become qualified first to apply for Work-Study jobs. You have to be enrolled in school either part or full time. Your school’s financial aid office has to participate in the program.

Apply by submitting the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application online. Based on your level of need, the government decides if you qualify for the program.

If you do not file FAFSA, you can still apply for Work-Study by a separate deadline. Every school has different rules and deadlines. Find the forms online and mail it to your school or apply in person.

Many single mothers are going to school and are worried about financial aid. If you do not qualify for student loans, or you want to avoid loan applications altogether, consider enrolling in a Federal Work-Study program. Work to pay your tuition and earn credits in the academic program of your choice. You can learn more about Work-Study on your school’s website or visit this website link for more information.

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