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Financial assistance programs for disabled

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Living with a disability can result in an inability to earn the amount of money necessary to make regular monthly payments. However, here are programs that are geared towards helping.

Help with Food

SNAP is a federally funded program that provides food allowances monthly to those that qualify. Disabled individuals can apply at their local SNAP office to see if they are eligible to receive the benefits.

Feeding America is an organization that helps individuals find food banks near their home. There millions of meals that are given away each year with the help of this group. Find a food bank near you by visiting their website.

Help with Shelter and Housing

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HUD is funded by the government and helps individuals with disabilities find and maintain affordable housing. They will issue rental vouchers or Section 8 that allows an individual to choose their own place to live. They own private subsidizes apartments and homes, and they make available public housing. Details can be discovered by talking to your local public housing agency.

Help with Energy and Utilities

LIHEAP is a program that provides financial aid assistance to people that need it to keep up with their utility bills. The program makes payments directly to the energy provider. Find out more by calling (202) 401-9351.

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) helps those living on a fixed income to winterize their residence. By sealing off the air, insulating, weather stripping, and doing other minor repairs, the utility bills will be lowered.

Help with Telephone and Internet Bills

Lifeline is a program that is available nationwide so that eligible, low-income, disabled, and elderly individuals can stay connected to the internet, a landline, or a wireless phone. The monthly bill can be lowered or completely eliminated through this program. Contact your telephone provider to see if they take part in this program.

Help with Medical and Dental Care

The Dental Lifeline Network offers free dental treatment to those with disabilities. Those that can benefit from the services are people that could otherwise not afford the treatment. Contact them at (303) 534-5360.

Medicaid is available to individuals with disabilities. This program provides medical, dental, and vision care in most areas. An application can be found at your local Department of Human Services. Information can be gathered by calling the CMS Headquarters at (877) 267-2323.

Help with Legal Matters

Legal Services Corporation was created by the government to provide all individuals with the necessary legal aid they require. Find out more by calling (202) 295-1500.

Help with Financial Counseling

The Allsup Disability Life Planning Service helps those with disabilities plan for their future. They use the Social Security Disability Insurance that is being received to make sure their clients can live comfortable. Call (888) 271-1173 to find out more.

Help From Other Groups

The TANF organization is a helpful agency when looking for other types of help. Reach them at (202)401-9275.

When you or someone you know is living with a disability and having a hard time paying the bills, contact one of these groups to see how they can help.

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