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Get Free Legal Assistance and Advice

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Finding free or low-cost legal assistance and advice isn’t an impossible task. Below we’ll highlight some of the most reputable legal assistance programs who aim towards helping low-income single parents with legal matters.

LSC Legal Aid

Who They Are:

LSC is a non-profit organization that assists low-income families and individuals with legal advice and assistance. They service those living in urban, suburban, and rural areas, and focus on assisting homeowners, families with children, veterans, single mothers, farmers, disabled individuals and elderly citizens.

What They Do:

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LSC provides a free Legal Aid Program that covers family law cases, federal housing subsidies cases, debt management services, and government benefit issues.

Who Qualifies?

Legal Aid offices can be found throughout the country that assist individuals and families who cannot otherwise afford legal assistance. For those low-income families or individuals that need assistance with domestic violence cases, family law issues, housing assistance matters, or public benefits assistance, legal aid may be able to assist you; however there are different eligibility criteria that apply to certain offices. Contact your local office to find out about eligibility requirements and the application program.

Find Legal Aid for single moms

LSC funds over 134 non-profit organizations that provide legal aid to American citizens across the country. If you need to find the nearest LSC-funded assistance program, you may find information on their website. Alternatively, you can visit the Law Help website for general inquiries and legal forms that are downloadable.

Veterans Legal Assistance

The Veterans Legal Assistance Program is also known as Stateside Legal, and it’s funded by PTLA and ALSP. The program was initiated by LSC (Legal Services Corporation) and now provides veterans, military members and their families with the means to gain access to federal benefits, get free legal assistance and provide them with info on their legal issues.

Local Bar Association

Local Bar Associations are organizations for lawyers, and as such, they offer lawyer referral services which can help you find lawyers that can handle your specific legal issue. The lawyers that participate in these programs also offer reduced fees for providing legal counseling and advice. The lawyers typically offer discounted advice meetings that last roughly half-an-hour.

Keep in mind that local bar associations may also offer free volunteer lawyer projects, pro bono project, free legal workshops, and self-help clinics, so make sure you enquire about these programs. For more information and contact details for a local bar association near you, refer to the ABA website.

Local Law School

Some law schools offer free or low-cost legal workshops that may be a source of free legal assistance offered by law students that are guided by their professors. Get in touch with law schools in the area near you and find out if they offer these workshops and what their eligibility requirements are for single mother legal assistance.

Local Area Agency on Aging

The AOA can assist senior citizens (aged 60-years and older) with free or discounted legal assistance and advice. Aside from legal assistance, your local Area Agency on Aging may be able to assist the elderly with a wide range of assistance programs. For detailed information on programs on offer, or to find a local agency, visit the Local Area Agency on Aging’s website.

As you can see, there are many programs and initiatives out there that can assist low-income consumers with free or discounted legal assistance and advice.

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