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Get Help Paying Water Bills

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Paying your water bills can be easier said than done when finances are constrained. Luckily there are a number of organizations and single mother assistance programs designed to offer a helping hand to low-income single mothers, individuals and families that need help with paying their water bills.

Here are some of the most useful resources that can provide help with your water bills:

American Water H20 – Help To Others Program

The American Water H2O Help to Others Program™ is an assistance program provided by the Pennsylvania American Water company. The program aims to provide relief for low-income households and individuals by allocating one-off grants of up to $500 per household. They also offer 80% discount on monthly services fees and provide water-smart devices as well as education on smarter water consumption for qualifying families and individuals. You can contact the administrator of the initiative, the Dollar Energy Fund, on 1-888-282-6816 for detailed information and eligibility requirements. Alternatively, visit the American Water website to find out more about the program.

American Water LICP Program

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California American Water, a division of American Water, runs a LIPP Program which is aimed towards assisting their low-income customers with discounted water rates. Customers can receive a discount on their wastewater and water charges if and when they meet eligibility requirements. Customers that wish to apply for the LICP program have to complete an online application form and mail it back to the address listed at the form’s top-end. Alternatively, visit their website for more information, or call the California American Water Service at 888-237-1133 for more information on single mother benefits.

Contact Your Water Company’s Customer Care

A lot of water service providers are willing to provide flexible repayment terms when it comes to water and wastewater bill payments. The California American Water Service is a very good example. They have customer service representatives that work with families and individuals to help plan and implement repayment options for payments that cannot be made by the stated due date.

If you cannot afford to pay your water bill immediately, get in touch with your service provider and see whether they have flexible repayment plans that can be implemented in a special arrangement.

Local Assistance Programs for single moms

There are various churches and non-profit organizations out there that can help you with your water bill. It’s important that you look for local assistance from community outreaches when you’re having a hard time paying your water bills. Resources like the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities may be able to provide single mother assistance.

Reduce Costs with WaterSense Program

The WaterSense Program was designed to help Americans save water in and around their homes. The initiative endorses and promotes water-saving products, WaterSense labeled products, with the goal of helping communities choose water-smart products to help the country save essential water supplies. To learn more about the WaterSense Program and its partners, you can visit the website .

We’ve shown you a few great ways in which you can find single mother assistance with paying your water bills. The organizations and programs listed here serve the majority of United States territories and States, effectively helping low-income American citizens across the country.

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