Apply for single mother grants today

Welcome to our website. We offer largest directory of single mother grants that help with rent, utility bills, child care, education, medication, housing, medical bills, and mortgage, among others. Many of these financial assistance programs have limited funding, and some might not be available for single mothers who do not meet specific income requirements. Phone numbers and website links to apply for these free grants are published on our website

Grants from variety of sources

Grants published on our website are made available from a variety of sources -- state, federal, non profit organizations and educational institutions. If you are looking for education grants, make sure that application is submitted before the deadline. Many other grants might also have deadlines that need to be met to quality for a free grant. Although our focus is on publishing information on single mother grants, scholarships are not given much importance. If you are looking for college scholarships, readers are advised to look for websites that specifically deal with college scholarships.

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Get help with buying your medications

Medication costs are one group of bills that can be nearly impossible to pay each month, even with insurance. Unfortunately, these are often dangerous to go without. If you or a family member need help to pay for your prescriptions, discover how what these organizations can help single mothers.


Partnership for Prescription Assistance matches people up with the programs that will help them for free. Questions can be directed to their online contact form.

Co-Pay Relief is a group that works directly with patients to get payments made to the doctors, pharmacies, or individual that needs financial assistance.  There is an online application form that can be filled out on their website, or they can be reached at 1 (866) 512-3861.

Medical costs can be reduced by utilizing the services available through RX Assist. The site combs the enormous database to find out which programs will work best for any individual situation. They can be contacted by email at Individual provider phone numbers are available in their program directory.

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++ Popular grants for single mothers

Co-Pay Assistance Organizations for single mothers

There are a plethora of co-pay assistance organizations that can be discovered based off of the individual medication need. For example, someone who is suffering from renal failure can get help through the American Kidney Fund. They can be called at (800) 795-3226. An individual diagnosed with prostate cancer can call the PAN Foundation at 1 (866) 316-7263 for help. Use this chart to find out more.

The main objective of the non-profit organization Needy Meds is to give people power with information. They want everyone to have access to reasonable health care at fair prices. They educate those that are interested in learning about the various programs and assistance that can be obtained. Needy Meds staff can be reached for questions at (800) 503-6897 or through email at

Through the Medicare Rights Center individuals can gain knowledge about finding affordable health care. It is a non-profit group that works mainly with older individuals and those who have disabilities. Their national helpline for more information is (800) 333-4114. If you are a single mother in need of assistance, get help today.

Mental Health America Local/State Offices

There are mental health facilities across the country that provide help to people who cannot afford their prescription costs. Find one in your area by visiting this website.

RX Hope is an information resource where people can get the resources necessary to have their medications paid for. Talk to your healthcare provider to learn more about single mother benefits.

Charity programs

There are a variety of charity programs that work to ensure people can get their medications when they could otherwise not afford it. CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation gives funds for oral or IV chemotherapy. Call (866) 55-COPAY for more details.  Caring Voice Coalition is another group that helps to cover costs. Reach them at (888) 267-1440.

When you cannot come up with the funds necessary to pay for your much-needed medications, it is okay to ask for help. There are groups out there that will give you the funds you so desperately need to stay well. If you are a single mother in need of emergency  financial assistance, you can find more resources by thoroughly browsing this web site.

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