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Welcome to our website. We offer largest directory of single mother grants that help with rent, utility bills, child care, education, medication, housing, medical bills, and mortgage, among others. Many of these financial assistance programs have limited funding, and some might not be available for single mothers who do not meet specific income requirements. Phone numbers and website links to apply for these free grants are published on our website

Grants from variety of sources

Grants published on our website are made available from a variety of sources -- state, federal, non profit organizations and educational institutions. If you are looking for education grants, make sure that application is submitted before the deadline. Many other grants might also have deadlines that need to be met to quality for a free grant. Although our focus is on publishing information on single mother grants, scholarships are not given much importance. If you are looking for college scholarships, readers are advised to look for websites that specifically deal with college scholarships.

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Help for single mothers in Nashville

If you are a single mother living in Nashville and need help paying bills and meeting basic expenses, there are lots of options for getting the help you need.

Cash Assistance for single mothers

Tennessee’s version of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) is called Families First, and can provide cash assistance to qualifying families and single mothers. The county offices can help you apply for such benefits. Metropolitan Social Services (MSS) can help people navigate the system to get the help they need. The Metro Action Commission also has various avenues for helping single mothers.

Food assistance for single moms

Needy families can also enroll into the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is what used to be called food stamps. The HomelessShelterDirectory lists about a dozen different soup kitchens in the Nashville area, while lists about seven. In addition, nearly all the groups listed in the “Help from Other Groups” section further down this page will provide some kind of help in getting you food when you need it.

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++ Popular grants for single mothers

Help with Shelter & Housing

Metropolitan Social Services (MSS) runs the Homeless Services Program to address the needs of homeless individuals and families by providing supportive direct services. If you need emergency shelter, the HomelessShelterDirectory lists 15 different options for Nashville. Rooftop Nashville provides rental assistance to help prevent homelessness. In addition, nearly all the groups listed in the “Help from Other Groups” section further down this page will provide some kind of help in paying for housing if you need it.

Energy and Utilities assistance for single mothers

The Metro Action Commission in Nashville has Utility Assistance Programs that can help single mothers. In addition, just about every group listed in the “Help from Other Groups” area further down this page provide some amount of help for utility bills.

Help with Telephone Bills

The Tennessee Regulatory Authority participates in the Lifeline Program that can get you a discount on your phone bills, and maybe even a free cell phone.

Childcare grants for single mothers

Qualifying families can get help with paying for childcare through the TN Smart Steps Child Care Assistance program. The Metropolitan Action Commission Head Start Program of Nashville and Davidson County is the main provider of Head Start services for children.

Help with Medical and Dental Care

Options for finding free or low-cost medical and dental care in the Nashville area include the following:

Neighborhood Health

Project Access Nashville

NeedMyMeds TN listing: scroll down for Nashville clinics – all 20 of them!

Help with Legal Matters

The Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennesee and the Cumberlands is a private, non-profit organization that provides free legal services (non-criminal matters only) to people with low income with an office in Nashville.

Help with Financial Counseling

The Partnership for Families, Children and Adults is a non-profit that has a division called the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the Tennessee River Valley that can help with all kinds of financial services. An even better option is offered through the University of Tennessee Extension, which has all kinds of programs to help with Family Economics.

Help for singe moms from Other Groups

There are lots of groups in Nashville that provide single parents all kinds of services related to many of the areas mention above, including the following:

Metro Action Commission

Metropolitan Social Services (MSS)

Salvation Army Nashville

Catholic Charities TN

Old Hickory Christian Community Outreach

St. Luke’s Community House

Ladies of Charity Nashville

Goodlettsville Help Center

Millersville Hope Center

Nashville Rescue Mission

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