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Welcome to our website. We offer largest directory of single mother grants that help with rent, utility bills, child care, education, medication, housing, medical bills, and mortgage, among others. Many of these financial assistance programs have limited funding, and some might not be available for single mothers who do not meet specific income requirements. Phone numbers and website links to apply for these free grants are published on our website

Grants from variety of sources

Grants published on our website are made available from a variety of sources -- state, federal, non profit organizations and educational institutions. If you are looking for education grants, make sure that application is submitted before the deadline. Many other grants might also have deadlines that need to be met to quality for a free grant. Although our focus is on publishing information on single mother grants, scholarships are not given much importance. If you are looking for college scholarships, readers are advised to look for websites that specifically deal with college scholarships.

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Single Mothers grants in Osceola, Arkansas

Single mothers living in Osceola can refer to this page to assist in identifying and applying for assistance programs in the Mississippi County during periods of financial hardship.

Cash Assistance

The Arkansas Work Pays offers cash assistance to those who have benefited from the Transitional Employment Assistance Program (TEA). To find out how you can benefit from the initiatives of this program visit the department’s website.

Help With Food

Single mothers can receive assistance to buy food through the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). To qualify for SNAP benefits you should either be working part time, working for low wages, unemployed, living with a disability or receiving public assistance payment. Qualifying individuals can apply to this program on the website or call the office at 870-563-5234.

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++ Popular grants for single mothers

Help With Shelter and Housing

The SHIP Program offers assistance to purchase homes to families who meet established requirements. To apply for assistance you have to provide a First Homebuyer’s Education Certificate which you can obtain from the Osceola Country Extension Services. Visit the website for full information on other requirements. The office phone number is 407-752-8400.

Help With Energy and Utilities

The LIEHAP can assist single mothers who struggle to pay their energy bills. Applications should be made to the community agency office in the county in which you reside. Visit the website to find out more information about the eligibility criteria or call the office at 870-563-5234.

Help With Telephone and Internet Bills

Assist Wireless assists single mothers to get phone services for prices as low as $1 per month. To find out more information about the eligibility criteria, visit the website or call the sign-up line 855-392-7747.

 Help With Childcare

Child Care Assistance can help if you are working for more than 30 hours a week, enrolled in full-time education or involved in a combination of work and learning while having a child or children below the age of 12. To apply, complete the application form on the website or call the responsible division at 800-322-8176.

Help With Medical and Dental Care

Medicaid assists single mothers who meet the eligibility criteria specified by the federal authorities to pay for medical expenses. To get more information about the assistance you can receive from this program visit the website.

Help With Legal Matters

Arkansas Legal Services and the Legal Aid of Arkansas offer low-income families in Arkansas have access to two free legal aid organizations that provide civil legal assistance. For more information visit the website and click on the Centre for

Help With Financial Counseling

CCOA permits Single mothers to request for appointments with financial advisers to discuss issues of housing, money management, education and access to credit scores. More information can be obtained on the website or you can make a call to 479-521-8877 or 800-889-4916.

Help From Other Groups

Single Parent Scholarship assists residents of Mississippi County. To apply you can visit the website to learn more about the eligibility guidelines or call at 870-623-1601.

We hope that you find the information above helpful in your quest to find different forms of assistance for yourself and your family.

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