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Single Mothers grants in Prescott Valley, Arizona

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This is a guide that has been made available to assist single mothers in Prescott Valley to access information about support programs available in their county during periods of financial challenges.

Cash Assistance

The Arizona Department of Economic Security partners with single mothers to provide a means for them to work towards self-sufficiency. The aim of such assistance is to provide support and benefits on a temporary basis while the families get back on their feet. You can screen to check if you qualify for these benefits on the website.

Help With Food

The Department of Economic Security, through programs such as the Nutrition Assistance (NA), Coordinated Hunger Relief Program and the Emergency Food Assistance Program help single mothers whose families are affected by hunger through the provision of access to healthy food. To acquire more information about these programs and whether you qualify, visit their website or call 928-759-1600.

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Help With Shelter and Housing

Single mothers in Yavapai County who find their families without adequate shelter can turn to the Prescott Area Women’s Shelter for assistance. The organization can also assist women with skills that help them to come out of homelessness. Get more information on their website or call them at 928-778-5933.

Help With Energy and Utilities

When a single mother in Prescott Valley finds herself unable to make payment for her home energy costs, she can turn to LIHEAP for assistance. This government funded program helps families to pay arrears or current energy bills, deposits for utilities and also assist such households with measures to help save costs related to energy. To apply for this assistance visit their website or call them at 928-759-1600.

Help With Telephone and Internet Bills

The Arizona Lifeline Discount Program assists single mothers that are already receiving assistance from at least one of the programs such as SNAP and SSI listed on their website . For more information visit their website or 844-921-8101.

Help With Childcare

The DES Child Care initiative aims at assisting qualifying single mothers to meet the costs of child care while they participate in economic activities, skills development and other such initiatives. For more details about the qualification criteria and other services visit the website or call 928-277-2850.

Help With Medical and Dental Care

As a single mother, you may qualify for assistance under AHCCCS Health Insurance to assist you and your family in meeting your medical expenses. To lodge an application click the “Apply Now” button on their Website or call them at 928-759-1600.

Help With Legal Matters

The Community Legal Services helps single mothers to receive legal assistance. They deal with issues related to civil litigation. To find out more how your family can benefit from their services, call their number 800-552-9072, send them an email at infocpo@clsaz.org  or click a link on their website to apply.

Help With Financial Counseling

The Catholic Charities Community Services has created a directory of services for single mothers in Prescott Valley. Visit their website to access this directory for links to organizations that can assist with financial education. Their phone number is 928-778-2531

Help From Other Groups

Families in need of help can also approach other organizations such as the Prescott Community Centre. Find out more about them on the website or give them a call on the number 928-778-0150.

It is our hope that using the information on this page, single mothers in Prescott Valley will be able to find appropriate assistance programs.

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