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Single Mothers grants in Racine, Wisconsin

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The State of Wisconsin offers single mothers a range of assistance programs that may help them make ends meet. On this page you’ll find the details of programs serving moms in the Racine area.

Cash Assistance

Wisconsin Works can help single mothers with finding jobs, and may also provide them with once-off cash loans. If you are willing to work and have minor children, you may qualify for benefits. Contact the W-2 Help Line at 414-227-4633 or visit the website to start your application process.

Help With Food

Wisconsin’s FoodShare program is a supplemental food assistance initiative for which single mothers can apply if they want to ensure that their families are fed with nutritious foods. You can see if your family is eligible for benefits online or by contacting the Member Services Office at 1-800-362-3002.

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Help With Shelter and Housing

The Housing Choice Vouchers program, also referred to as the Section 8 program, can help you pay for your rent in a home of your choice if you meet program requirements. These vouchers can also be used to pay for the cost of a family home. To enquire about eligibility or to start your application process, contact the Housing Authority of Racine County at 262-636-3405 or visit the website for more details.

Help With Energy and Utilities

WHEAP is the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program and it can help single moms reduce the cost of their home energy via weatherization programs, but it can also subsidize your utility bill payments. Applicants must meet work and income requirement to receive benefits, but you can submit an online application or get in touch with Energy Services, Inc. at 262-633-6000 to see if you qualify for assistance.

Help With Childcare

The Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program helps single mothers pay for the cost of their child care expenses if their children are enrolled at approved institutions. This allows them to work and afford the cost of child care services. Applications can be done online or by contacting the Department of Children and Families at 414-289-5893.

Help With Medical and Dental Care

If you or your children are not covered for healthcare services, you can apply for BadgerCare Plus, which is Wisconsin’s public healthcare assistance program. BadgerCare forms part of the Medicaid block grant, and can get your family covered for medical and dental care services at no or low cost. To apply, visit the website or call the Medicaid Hotline at 1-888-409-1979.

Help With Financial Counseling

GreenPath is a financial counseling organization that can help single mothers take control or their debt and manage their finances more effectively and efficiently. Call the office at 800-550-1961 or visit their website and speak to a consultant to start your counseling course.

Help From Other Groups

The Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization can help single mothers reach a stage of self-sufficiency by providing them with housing assistance. To speak to a case management team member, contact the office at 262-633-3235, or alternatively visit the website to see how HALO can help you today.

We sincerely hope that Racine single moms have found this post useful, and are now equipped with the information they’ll need to apply for help if, and when, they ever need to.

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