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Single Mothers grants in San Marino, California

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This page has been put together to help single mothers who live in San Marino in the  Los Angeles County to identify and find programs and services that can help alleviate the challenge of financial hardship.

Cash Assistance

Single mothers looking after children because one or both the parents have died, incapacity, unemployment or absence of another parent due to any other reason, you may qualify for the California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) program. Visit the Los Angeles Department of Social Services website or send an email to dpssinfo@dpss.lacounty.gov.

Help With Food

CalFresh is the program that used to be known as the California Food Stamps Program. While the name has changed, the aim is still to improve nutrition in households that face challenges associated with putting enough food on the table. More information is available on the website or call at 310-216-3917.

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Help With Shelter and Housing

Some of the benefits offered by the DPSS Housing Program include the Temporary Housing Assistance Program and the Homeless Case Management program among a few others. More information about these services can be obtained by visiting the DPSS website.

Help With Energy and Utilities

The Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment manages the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), which offers free assistance to low-income households so that they are able to pay for their energy bills. Single mothers who need more information about this program can visit the website or call at the 24-hour line: 213-353-1226 or 213-353-1228.

Help With Telephone and Internet Bills

Single mothers who require a telephone and internet connection without the means to afford them, you can turn to Assurance Wireless, a California Lifeline Provider. Visit their website to learn more about how you can benefit from free unlimited voice minutes and texts or 500 megabytes.

Help With Childcare

The CalWORKs Child Care Program makes it possible for families to access affordable, immediate and high standard child care so that single mothers can participate in Welfare-to-Work activities. To learn more about how this assistance can help you to move in the direction of employment and self-sustenance you can visit the website.

Help With Medical and Dental Care

Medi-Cal health programs are designed to cover the needs of anyone who qualifies regardless of their immigration, race, age or marital status. More information about how you can apply for these services is available on the website.

Help With Legal Matters

Services available from the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles include assistance with issues relating to evictions, employment, governments benefits and housing among others. More information about these services is available on the website.

Help With Financial Counseling

If your debt is starting to give you sleepless nights, you can seek help from Clearpoint before the situation gets worse. More information about the services offered can be obtained from the website or by calling 800-750-2227.

Help From Other Groups

The Maravilla Foundation offers housing and energy assistance services. Detailed information about the services offered can be obtained from the website or by sending an email to info@maravilla.org. Call the office at 323-869-4500 or 323-721-4162.

We hope that the information supplied above has been helpful to single mothers resident in San Marino as they seek and apply for assistance services and programs during times of financial distress.

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