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Welcome to our website. We offer largest directory of single mother grants that help with rent, utility bills, child care, education, medication, housing, medical bills, and mortgage, among others. Many of these financial assistance programs have limited funding, and some might not be available for single mothers who do not meet specific income requirements. Phone numbers and website links to apply for these free grants are published on our website

Grants from variety of sources

Grants published on our website are made available from a variety of sources -- state, federal, non profit organizations and educational institutions. If you are looking for education grants, make sure that application is submitted before the deadline. Many other grants might also have deadlines that need to be met to quality for a free grant. Although our focus is on publishing information on single mother grants, scholarships are not given much importance. If you are looking for college scholarships, readers are advised to look for websites that specifically deal with college scholarships.

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Single Mothers grants in Sierra Vista, Arizona

If you are a single mother living in Sierra Vista, Arizona and struggling to pay your bills, here are some of the financial assistance organizations you can reach out to.

Cash Assistance

Cash assistance is the help that single mothers need to pay for basic necessities. The Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) provides temporary cash funds and supportive services. Apply for benefits online, by fax, by mail or in person at a Family Assistance Administration (FAA) office. Use the online locator tool to find the office nearest you. Visit the website link for more information.

Help with Food

Food assistance is also available through DES. Eligible low-income families have access to the Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), the Coordinated Hunger Relief Program and Nutrition Assistance (NA). Apply for the NA program online or download an application for benefits. Fax or mail your information to the nearest FAA office. Visit the website link for more information.

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++ Popular grants for single mothers

Help with Shelter and Housing

The Housing Authority of Cochise County (HACC) has several options for decent, low-income housing. The main programs are the Housing Choice Voucher Section 8 Program and Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) in addition to programs for veterans and people with AIDS. Contact the HACC main office at (520) 432-8880 or visit the website link for more information.

Help with Energy and Utilities

Help to pay your energy bills is provided through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). It is a federal program to help you pay current bills and reduce energy usage in the future. Apply at the closest Community Action Program (CAP) office. Visit the website link for more information.

Help with Telephone and Internet Bills

Cover your phone bills using discounted Frontier Lifeline services. To qualify, you must be low income and enrolled in a public assistance program, such as LIHEAP or Section 8 housing. Download the application for Arizona residents online, and visit the website link for more information.

Help with Childcare

DES Child Care Services are available to single mothers who are employed or attending school. They have access to a list of childcare providers that are certified by the Department of Health Services (DHS). Find a nearby DES office to apply and see if you qualify. Visit the website link for more information.

Help with Medical and Dental Care

AHCCCS Health Insurance helps low-income people with doctors’ visits, hospitalizations, prescription costs and more. Apply for benefits online or contact your local DES office by mail, fax or in person. Visit the website link for more information.

Help with Legal Matters

In Cochise County, there are pro bono services offered to low-income clients. Southern Arizona Legal Aid handles cases that involve family, consumer, bankruptcy, crime and estate planning. Contact the Douglas office at (520) 364-7973 or the Nogales office at (602) 287-9441. Visit the website link for more information.

Help with Financial Counseling

Debt Relief of Arizona has financial counseling for low income and/or indebted single mothers. Apply for your consultation online or call (888) 256-4326. Visit the website link for more information.

Help From Other Groups

Catholic Community Services (CSS) helps low-income individuals and families all over southern Arizona. They help people in need of counseling, affordable housing, assistance for disabilities, and more. Visit the website link for more information, and search for a CSS office in or around your city.

Hopefully this list helps single mothers in Sierra Vista to find the resources you need to make ends meet.

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