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Single mothers grants in Strongsville, Ohio

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On this page, you’ll be able to find the resources located in Strongsville to help you with food, cash, utilities, and other monthly expenses.

Cash Assistance for single mothers

Your family might be eligible to benefit from Ohio’s temporary assistance program called Ohio Works First. With the program you can benefit from cash assistance which is available for 36 months on your Ohio Pathways card. Full details and eligibility requirements on OWF ca be found online, but to start your application process you can contact the Cuyahoga Benefits Application Hotline at 216-416-4440.

Food benefits for single mothers

The Strongsville Emergency Food Bank assists less-fortunate community members that need help with emergency food supplies. You can call the office at 440-580-3280 or visit the website to learn more about the food bank or to apply for benefits.

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Help With Shelter and Housing for single mothers

The City Mission provides housing assistance services as well as emergency shelter to members of the community that face homelessness. By calling the office at 216-431-3510 or by visiting the website, you’ll be able to determine how they can assist you.

Help With Energy and Utilities grants for single mothers

If you need help with reducing the cost of your home energy or assistance with the payment of your utility bills, you might be able to find it from the Cuyahoga County’s Job & Family Services division. They offer a range of energy and utility assistance programs to help less-fortunate families and individuals. To apply for help, you can either visit the website or call the office at 216-987-7000.

Help With Telephone and Internet Bills

AT&T is a registered service provider of the federally-funded LifeLine Telephone Discount Program. You can consult the website to learn more about how telephone discounts work under the LifeLine program, or alternatively call the AT&T Help Line at 1-888-256-5378 to apply for benefits.

Help With Childcare

The Ohio Department of Job & Family Services administers a Child Care Assistance Program, which is available to eligible low-income families that have minor children. To apply for help or to learn more about the program, you can call the office at 888-796-4322 or visit the website.

Help With Medical and Dental Care

Medicaid is Ohio’s public healthcare program which is funded by the federal government. Under the program you’ll be given access to quality, affordable medical and dental care services. You can visit the website to learn more about the program. To start your application process, call the office at 216-987-7000.

Help With Legal Matters

The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland might be able to help you with legal advice and representation if your legal matters are non-criminal and you cannot afford the services of a lawyer. Call their Legal Aid Intake Line at 888-817-3777 or visit their website to see if they can help you with your legal matters.

Help With Financial Counseling

Faith Community United Credit Union, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides free financial counseling and other community development services that aim to help end the cycle of poverty within the community. To learn more about the program, you may consult their website.

Help From Other Groups

The Salvation Army of Strongsville runs a range of outreach initiatives that provide relief to members of the community that need it most. They assist with food, clothing, energy, and counseling, among the variety of support services on offer. To see how they can help you, visit their website or call the office at 440-774-3434.

As you can see, Strongsville residents have a lot of options which they can consider when it comes to finding assistance with their bills.

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