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Single Mothers grants in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

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Wisconsin has a wealth of resources for single mothers in need of assistance. In Wauwatosa, there is no shortage of organizations who can help with food, cash assistance, emergency shelters, and more. Here are some resources you can turn to:

Cash Assistance

Wisconsin Works (W-2) has cash assistance and job training for low-income individuals. A Financial and Employment Planner (FEP) is there to provide you with personalized assistance. To apply, contact the Department of Children and Families at (608) 267-3905 or dcfweb@wisconsin.gov. Visit the website link for more information on resources available to you.

Help with Food

FoodShare Wisconsin has healthy food benefits available to single mothers and their families. Apply online, by mail or by fax. Call 1-800-362-3002 to find a nearby agency and apply in person. Afterwards, you have to do an interview with a case worker. Visit the website link for more information on your eligibility for benefits.

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Help with Shelter and Housing

Community Advocates has resources for emergency sheltering, rental assistance and temporary housing. The Homeless Outreach Nursing program helps homeless people within their communities. Project Bridge helps single mothers with their need to secure long-term housing. Call 2-1-1 or visit a local W-2 agency in person. Visit the website link for more information.

Help with Energy and Utilities

The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) helps you if you fall back on paying the utilities. Receive an annual payment based on your income, family size and energy bill costs. To apply, visit a nearby energy assistance agency or call 1-866-HEATWIS (432-8947). Visit the website link for more information.

Help with Telephone and Internet Bills

SafeLink Wireless has an affordable program for wireless telephone users. Your eligibility depends on your low income limits or enrollment in public assistance. Apply online or call 1-800-723-3546 to have the application mailed to you. Visit the website link for more information.

Help with Childcare

Wisconsin Shares provides a child care subsidy to eligible families. Participants must be low income and either employed or enrolled in school. Apply online or in person at a local county agency. Visit the website link for more information.

Help with Medical and Dental Care

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has the BadgerCare Plus program for low-income individuals and families. Apply online, by phone or in person at a local DHHS agency. Visit the website link for more information.

Help with Legal Matters

Legal Action of Wisconsin has affordable legal services for single mothers in Milwaukee County. They handle cases that involve housing, foreclosures, bankruptcies, public benefits and other issues. Call our office at (414) 278-7722 or (888) 278-0633. Visit the website link for more information.

Help with Financial Counseling

The GreenPath financial wellness center has debt and credit counseling services all over the U.S. Get help for a wide range of financial issues, such as evictions, foreclosures, credit card debt, debt management and more. For questions about eligibility, call customer service at (800) 550-1961. Contact one of our two Milwaukee offices in person or by appointment. Visit the website link for more information.

Help From Other Groups

The Salvation Army serves low-income communities in Milwaukee County. Receive basic resources for food, housing, clothing and transportation. Make an appointment by calling (920) 593-2379. Visit the website link for more information.

Single mothers no longer have to struggle alone. You have local resources in Wauwatosa that can help you overcome their financial obstacles.

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