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Single mothers assistance in Colorado

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In this economy, almost everyone can use some help in finding ways to save money. There is no reason to feel embarrassed for using assistance programs to help with food, prescriptions, medical needs, housing, legal concerns, senior aid and other services. Assistance programs are created to help single mothers who are low-income or otherwise qualify. Find out today what help you are eligible for in Colorado.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for single mothers

The SNAP program was previously called food stamps. SNAP is a federal nutrition program to provide households with financial assistance to purchase groceries. In Colorado, it is called the Food Assistance Program.

SNAP households receive a benefit allotment every month. The amount is loaded onto an Electric Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards. The cards look similar to debit cards and can be used like debit cards at food retailers—such as grocery and convenience stores—along with some farmers markets.

There are a record number of Colorado families living in poverty, experiencing hunger and seeking public assistance, many for the first time.SNAP serves as the first line of defense against hunger in Colorado communities. More than 25% of working families in Colorado do not have enough food to meet their basic needs. There is no reason for you or your family to go hungry. Help is available. If you need help immediately call the Colorado hotline 800-536-5298. You can also call the National hotline number 800-221-5689 to get single mom benefits.

++ Popular grants for single mothers

In order to receive benefits you need to fill out an application. Get help with signing up for benefits.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP is a program that helps low-income households and single mothers with home utility bills. This service can help you keep warm in winter and cool in the summer. LIHEAP is funded by the federal government and adminstered by county agencies.

Colorado LIHEAP may be able to help with power bills, energy crisis and weatherization and energy-related home repairs.

To receive energy assistance, you must be a resident of Colorado and need financial assistance with home utility costs. Also, you must be responsible for paying heating costs directly or as part of the rent.

If you need assistance with Tribal LIHEAP look here.

NeedyMeds for single mothers

NeedyMeds was founded in 1996 by Richard J, Sagall, MD, a family physician, and Libby Overly, MSW, MEd, a medical social worker. Both recognized the need for a centralized resource for information on pharmaceutical patient assistance programs.

NeedyMeds provides a free drug discount card that offers a discount of up to 80% at more than 63,000 pharmacies nationwide. Anyone can use the card regardless of income level or insurance status, and no registration is required. The same card can be used by friends and family members to save on prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs and medical supplies written on a prescription form, and pet prescription drugs purchased at a pharmacy.

Save money with the NeedyMeds prescrition card..

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

This organization has an excellent website for people looking for help with prescription drugs. As with most similar programs Partnership for Prescription Assistance does not provide prescriptions. What they do offer is a thoroughly searchable index of medications and pharmaceutical companies. Find out if the medications you need are available.

Where is your healthcare? Find a free or low cost clinic near you.

Patient Assistance for single moms

Another great source of help when going through the numerous pharmacuetical assistance programs

Homeless Shelters

For many Americans eviction or foreclosure could be just around the corner. Or maybe you have lost your home because of abuse and violence. Even if you are working you could face homelessness. There is no shame in needing help with housing.

Please note due to the increasing number of homeless contact a shelter before going there.

The Homeless Shelters Directory is a very useful website for finding shelters by city.

Women’s Shelters is a list of shelters for women in crisis.

Crossroads Out Reach Center 970-530-2353

A shelter for women and children of domestic violence. Find out more here.

Telephone Assistance for single moms
This is a program that is run by the Colorado Department of Human Services and it will pay a portion of your monthly phone bill. You can qualify for a discount from your phone company on your basic phone or cellular service. 303-866-5700. If you are a single mom, get financial help today .

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