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Help for single mothers in Anchorage

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If you are a single mom residing in Anchorage and need help paying bills and meeting basic expenses, there are lots of options for getting the help you need.

Cash Assistance for single mothers

The Alaska Temporary Assistance Program (ATAP) at this link provides cash assistance and work services to low-income families and single mothers with children to help them with basic needs while they work toward becoming self-sufficient. This is Alaska’s version of the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. The state of Alaska also has a General Relief Assistance (GRA) program that can help meet all sorts of different needs in an emergency at this link. The Alaska 2-1-1 online database also lists 6 organizations and programs that can provide temporary cash assistance at this link.

Food benefits for single mothers

The Alaska Food Stamp Program provides food benefits to low-income families and single mothers. Find out more at this link. If you need more immediate assistance with food and meals, the Alaska 2-1-1 online database lists 22 different food pantries at this link and 3 soup kitchens at this link.

++ Popular grants for single mothers

Shelter and Housing grants for single mothers

If you need emergency shelter, the Alaska 2-1-1 online database lists five different community shelters at this link. It also lists six different places to go for low-income/subsidized housing options at this link.

Energy and Utilities grants for single mothers

The state of Alaska has a Heating Assistance Program (HAP) to help eligible residents defray their winter heating costs at this link. The Alaska Energy Efficiency Partnership has a page devoted to five different energy assistance programs, all of which are geared towards making homes more energy-efficient at this link. Alaska’s 2-1-1 online database lists five different places you can go to get help paying your utility bills at this link.

Telephone and Internet Bills assistance for single mothers

Alaska participates in the Lifeline telephone bill discount program, which you apply for directly with your provider. Find out all the different carriers in Alaska who participate at this link.

Single mother help with Childcare

Alaska has a Childcare Assistance Program for eligible families at this link so low-income parents can work or go to school. The group that handles Head Start and Early Head start in Anchorage is Kids’ Corps at this link.

Medical and Dental Care for single moms

The Alaska 2-1-1 online database lists nine different community clinics where Anchorage residents can go for medical and dental care at this link. Low-income individuals and families should check to see if they’re eligible for Medicaid in order to have health insurance coverage. Find out more at this link. The program geared specifically to children is called Denali KidCare at this link.

Help for single mothers with Legal Matters

Alaska Legal Services Corporation (ALSC) is a private, nonprofit law firm providing high quality civil legal services to low income and disadvantaged people and communities to protect their safety, their health and promote family stability. Find out more about single mother assistance at this link.

Help with Financial Counseling

If you need credit, budget, debt, and financial counseling services, visit Money Management International at this link,

Help for single mothers from Other Groups

There are lots of groups in Anchorage that provide single mothers all kinds of services related to many of the areas mention above, including the following:

Salvation Army Anchorage: Link.

St. Vincent de Paul Anchorage: Link.

Catholic Social Services Alaska: Link.

Alaska 2-1-1: Link.

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