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Help for single mothers in Minneapolis

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If you are a single mom living in Minneapolis and need help paying bills and meeting basic expenses, there are lots of options for getting the help you need.

Cash Assistance for single mothers

The Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) is a cash assistance program for very low income children and families. It is Minnesota’s version of the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) welfare program. Find out more by visiting the website at this link.

Food benefits for single parents

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps Minnesotans with low incomes get the food they need for sound nutrition and well-balanced meals. Approved participants get a debit card to use to buy food at many stores and farmers markets. Find out more at this link. Minnesota Food Assistance Program (MFAP) at this link provides food assistance to noncitizens age 50 or older who do not qualify for SNAP because of their citizenship status. You can find a long list of soup kitchens and food pantries at this link.

++ Popular grants for single mothers

Shelter & Housing grants for single mothers

Group Residential Housing (GRH) at this link is an income supplement program that helps pay room-and-board costs for adults with low incomes in a licensed or registered setting. There is also Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA) Housing Assistance at this link that helps people with disabilities who have low incomes and high housing costs to live comfortably in their houses. If you need an emergency or homeless shelter, the HomelessShelterDirectory has a good list of them at this link.

Energy and Utilities assistance for single mothers

The Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program at this link uses energy conservation techniques to reduce the cost of home energy by an estimated percent so that the low-income earner is safe and economical in terms of power consumption. The Minnesota Energy Assistance Program (EAP) at this link helps pay home heating costs for low-income households, particularly those with the lowest incomes paying a high proportion of household income for home energy.

Help with Telephone Bills

Minnesota Telephone Assistance Plan (TAP) and LifeLine is a State funded program to provide monthly discounts on local telephone service. Find out more at this link.

Childcare benefits for single moms

Child care assistance for MFIP families at this link is a program that helps make quality child care affordable while families work, go to school or complete other activities in their employment plan. You can use Transition Year and Transition Year Extension Child Care Assistance at this link to help pay for childcare while you work or look for work for up to one year after you Minnesota Family Investment Program case closes. Parents in Community Action (PICA) is the agency that runs Head Start and Early Head Start in the area at this link.

Single mother Help with Medical and Dental Care

MinnesotaCare is Minnesota’s S-CHIP program, but adults may enroll in the program as well as children if they meet the eligibility criteria. It provides comprehensive health care coverage. Find out more at this link. The Free Clinic Directory lists 62 different options for finding free or low-cost medical and dental care in Minneapolis at this link.

Help with Legal Matters

Mid-MN Legal Aid is the main provider of free legal services for low-income families. Visit their website at this link.

Help with Financial Counseling

To see your financial future clearly, you need proven tools and solutions that will last a lifetime. This is why Lutheran Social Service (LSS) Financial Counseling is here to help you. They will help you budget your funds for the future. Find out more at this link.

Help for single parents from Other Groups

There are lots of groups in Minneapolis that provide single moms all kinds of services related to many of the areas mention above, including the following:

St. Vincent de Paul Society Twin Cities: Link.

Salvation Army Minneapolis: Link.

Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis: Link.

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